memories of a SaintMature

A Woman? the Imfamous Iron Viking was a Woman?! that was quite the revelation for Asher. the thought kept swirling around in his mind as he swam back to the place he called home. the Vindici Prison, Cell Block 8.

After Arriving at his cell and locking himself in which was more for show than anything, He ran his fingers over the iron bars surrounding him.

"Lirsha, if you could see how far I've fallen since you'd probably scold me." he chuckled to the silence. "out of all the things that were taken from me, I miss your voice most of all, lilly. whether you were yelling at me for my countless mistakes or whispering your dreams into my ear in the quiet of our midnight conversations. i fell in love with you even more after every syllable that escaped your lips..."

Night decended and the Saint began his nightly reverie that had long since replaced sleep since dreams were too painful. why create new nightmares when the one you already know is haunting enough?

The Blood covered his hands as the mirage finally ended and he saw the nightmare before him. Lilly lay in front of him, broken, bloodied, and Unresponsive. He had done this to her. With his own two hands he had ended the life of his love. His Lirsha. He kept staring hoping he was just dreaming. That He was still listening to her soft words in their bed but as the seconds ticked away and the only noise was the maniacal laughter of the one who had tricked him grew more evident, He knew the truth and the only thing he could do, the only thing his Soul could manage, was sob...

The Memories of a Saint end with the Rising Sun and the world awakes to the sorrowful wail of a Saint locked in the Agony of his own thoughts. a cry for forgiveness, a plea for indignation, and a scream for what can never be forgotten.

The End

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