Returning to the AsteriusMature

The scream had been filled with pain and misery, mixed together and bound with a rope of hatred. Coty truly scared Simon at this time. He knew what she was capable of, but never had he seen her distraught like this. Common sense told him to go around and not to bother the grieving woman, but Simon's heart felt for his crewmate and friend. Coty was one of the only ones who had been with Simon and Rayna since the Asterius was put into her custody. 

Walking out from the mist that had settled over Grenshaw, Simon carefully approached Coty.

"The smart thing to do would be to leave on," she growled. 

Simon chuckled. "Aye, but you know me. I am anything but smart. Now come on, we need to find the captain and report." Coty looked at Simon, rage and sadness in her eyes, and gripped her dagger. They sat there like that for a moment, neither one moving. 

Finally, Coty sighed and stood up. "Let's go." 

Simon nodded and took his sword off his back. Coty looked at him oddly, but when she realized what he was doing, she smiled slightly. Simon shoved his blade into the ground just beside the corpse she had kissed. This would let any of the others know to leave the body alone. Simon could bury whoever the man was later and in a special place. 

"Let us be off, then," Simon said, leaving Grendal in the ground beside the unknown man's body. 


It only took a few minutes to reach the Asterius, but when Simon and Coty did, they found Lee calling everybody to sit down on the deck. No doubt he wanted to tell one of his tales again. Usually the crew would flock to hear them, whether they needed a distraction from life or they were fans. The man was talented, for sure, but Simon would never admit it. Coty went off and took a place on the outside of the group of men that was gathering. SImon had things to do, though.

Finding Esheen, one of the crewmembers responsible for supplies, Simon pulled him aside. "Where is the captain, Esheen?"

The bony man pointed to a road leading out of Grenshaw. The height of the Asterius, even docked, made it easy for Simon to make out the dirt road. "She went for supplies."

"Did she take anybody with her?" Simon asked the man.

"No, just left with a cart," he said, looking eagerly to where Lee had started his tale. "Is that all?" Simon nodded and the man scurried off to take his seat back from a large man known as Denver. 

Simon walked to his room, though. He had no time to listen to Lee's tales. He needed to think. With Grenshaw gone, there was only two other towns they could port without fear of being attacked. What did it mean? Was it just a random attack by a new group trying to make a name for themselves? That would explain the sign. But... it felt like something more.

Something oppressive. 

Simon opened his rooms door and was greeted by dozens of swords and other weapons hanging on the wall. Their beauty usually entranced him. FallenHeart, a great ax taken from a Lord down south, Grace, a sword used by an Inquisitor who thought Rayna a demon, and even Dynasty, the blade of the Kingdom of... Well, it mattered not. Simon did not feel like reliving memories. He needed to focus!

Sitting on his bed, Simon pulled the sheath of Grendal from his back and threw it in the corner with the other ten sheaths. He would retrieve the blade later. As for the hourglass, it seemed familiar. Maybe a passing man had had one as a tattoo? No, Simon noted any tattoos he saw... 

Simon sighed. "Guess I'll just wait for Rayna to get back..."

The End

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