A Message in BloodMature

Simon ran through the streets, ordering his crewmates to certain areas where the fires were the worst. A dozen of the men under his command dispersed upon his order, going to a nearby well to draw water. Luckily, Grenshaw had a few wells like the one they had found spread throughout the town. 

"Get those fires out!" Simon commanded as the men shuffled around, filling buckets with the well's water. "We need to save the townsmen as well!" With that, he ran off. He could leave the fires to the Asterius' crew. Right now, he needed to see if there were any survivors. 

As he ran, Simon only found burned corpses and burning houses. It was a disaster, truly. Sure, pirates like the Asterius' crew were suppose to do things like this, but never had they actually destroyed whole villages. Only the truly evil ones did atrocities such as this one. 

A few men came into view, ones that Simon took for townsmen, only to be wrong when he saw their weapons and clothing. They came at him immediately, with maces and swords in hand. They were probably the one's behind this attack. Simon pulled his own blade, Grendal, and faced the enemies.

The first one went down with ease, missing Simon with his mace and getting sliced in half at the waist, sending blood spraying toward the other men. They hesitated for a moment, then charged together. Simon smiled slightly. One brandished another mace, the other a sword. 

Simon sliced the sword from one of the men's hands and grabbed the mace from the other man before it connected. Too easy. Simon let his own sword fall and used the mace to smash in both man's heads. They slumped down, dead from the the mace's strike. Far too easy. It was very odd.

Simon dropped the mace and retrieved Grendal, his massive blade, from where it lay. He needed to find out if any of the townsmen survived, so he ignored his suspicions and ran toward a building that wasn't on fire. It was likely these men were on their way to the building, so some people may be inside. It was worth a look, in any case.

Simon opened the door to the building and immediately felt sick. 

The main room, beautiful as it once looked, was now covered in the shredded corpses of men, women, and even children. The amount of blood and bodies in the room was tremendous. It suddenly dawned on Simon just why the corpses on the streets had been so sparse. The majority of Grenshaws people had been gathered here and slaughtered. But who could have...

On the ceiling, written in blood, was a symbol. Simon hurriedly ran out of the building and toward the Asterius, where Rayna was calling out orders. He needed to get to her as soon as possible and tell her. 

He could only imagine what it meant; an hourglass half-empty.

The End

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