Big BrotherMature

Sitting up at the lookout spot staring at a burning village was not very fun, and Sheila couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of sadness. Grenshaw had always been her favorite place. She looked around the deck and felt a little useless as she watched everyone run back and forth doing something productive. She should probably help too.

Sheila swung down from the lookout and landed nimbly on the deck.

“Going to save the town!” She shouted before heading off to Grenshaw. She should probably help put out some fires. Sheila grabbed an empty pail off the boat and ran into the town. Immediately, the heat hit her and she couldn’t help but stumble backwards. She never liked the heat too much. Just another reason to get rid of that fire. She pushed forward, though she couldn’t help but feel little silly, carrying nothing but a bucket of water and walking through a huge fire in hope of putting it out. Sheila shook the thought out of her head and threw the water onto a small fire. It sizzled and died down quickly.

One down. A few thousand more to go.

She whistled lightly as she jogged back to get more water, but as she bent down the fill her pail, she felt a blade push silently against her neck. Immediately, her arm flashed over to her dagger and whipped it out.

“Put that down little girl.” A dark voice whispered behind her. Sheila didn’t move.

“I said put that down!” He shouted, pushing the blade harder against her neck. She winced in pain as a small trickle of blood rolls down her neck. She reluctantly put the dagger down.

“Now I want you to stand up, and tell me what you were doing.” The voice hissed, pushing Sheila ruffly up.

“I was putting out a fire.”

“And why were you putting out the fire?”

“Because I wanted to save the town.” Sheila responded, slightly annoyed by these questions.

“Do you know what the consequence of that is?”

“Nope.” Sheila didn’t even bother to lie. The man behind her whipped her around and stared at her. Sheila stared steadily into a pair of familiar green eyes.

“You will die a pai-” He suddenly stopped and his eyes opened wide. “Sheila?” He whispered. Sheila took advantage of the moment and shrank back away, grabbing her dagger along the way.

“How do you know my name?”

“Sheila! Don’t you remember me? Big brother!”

Sheila’s eyes opened wide.

“Big brother?”

The man nodded and suddenly, she ran forward and hugged the man.

“Big brother!” She laughed. “I found you again!”

“Little sister, how are you?” He laughed with her.

“I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, little sister. You don’t know how worried I was that day we got separated. We should have never gone to that village.”

“It’s fine, big brother, I’m back again right? And that’s all that matters.”

“Sure you can say that.” He gave a low rumbling laugh. Such a familiar laugh.

“Alright. I should be heading back.” Sheila said pulling on his hand. “I’ll show you to the others!”

He looked a little reluctant, but after seeing Sheila’s disappointed face, he finally gave in. Sheila smiled and bring him along.

They skipped down the road singing.

The End

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