Lee Shavanza: The Sharpshooting Loose CannonMature


Lee sat in the crow’s nest, scanning the horizon for things he knew were never going to appear. There was nothing of interest in this area, and no other pirates had been active. So it was a waste of time. But of course Simon would insist that they keep a lookout, and course he would pick Lee. Lee yawned. “Man I am bored,” he sighed. “Can’t something interesting come along?”

Suddenly he spotted three of the new crew recruits they’d picked up recently. Lee grinned. Boredom over. He climbed down to the deck and sauntered over to them. “Hey you guys,” he called out.

“Who are you?” one of them asked. “And what do you want?”

“The name’s Lee, Lee Shavanza. I’m one of the vets around here. I just wanted to say hi.” He smiled at them and watched them relax. Perfect. “So, any of you good shots?” he asked casually. One of them stepped out.

“Yeah I am. I’m probably one of the best on this ship.”

“Really?” Lee cocked an eyebrow. “Care to show me?”

“Sure.” Lee had to suppress a grin. Perfect. Lee ran down below deck to the training room and grabbed a couple target boards, bringing it back up. He set it up at one end of the ship. “How about you show me how far you can hit the center from?” he asked. The rookie smiled. “Just watch.” He backed up about thirty paces and brought out his pistol. Bam! His shot slammed in the center, almost a bull’s eye. “How’s that?” he asked.

“Not bad,” Lee said nodding. He walked over to the rookie. “You are pretty good.” He smirked. “But I think I can do even better, though.”

“Yeah, right.” The rookie snorted.

“Wanna bet?” Lee asked. “If I can beat that, then you owe me half of your share from the next raid, and vice versa.”

“You’re on.” Lee nodded. “Okay, then. You’d better keep your word.”

“First let’s see you top that,” the rookie said. Lee shrugged and started walking farther back until he was over sixty paces. “There’s no way you can hit the center from that distance,” the rookie said. Lee didn’t reply. He pulled out one of his large twin revolvers. They were his pride and joy. He released the safety and took aim. He narrowed his eyes and blocked everything else out until only the small dot that was the center of the target remained. He felt the wind and adjusted his aim to compensate for the interference.

When everything had been accounted for, he pulled the trigger. The bullet burst forth from the barrel. It whizzed through the air and covered the distance in a flash. The bullet buried itself in the bulls-eye, right next to the rookie’s. The rookie and the other two recruits started at Lee.

“Wha?” The rookie asked. Lee smiled.

“Oh that’s right. I forgot to mention something about myself.” He shoved his revolver back into its holder. “I’m also the munitions expert on the ship.” He headed back to the crow’s nest. “Don’t forget, you owe me on the next raid,” he called out.

The End

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