Asher Saint: Namesake to all but Himself.Mature

They flogged him for hours.

The whips biting into him like ravenous beasts.

The pain would never reach him for a soul can only take so much before it went numb.

Poisons, Knives, and Words that hurt more than both. He'd had it all and more. Yet he couldn't die, not now. That'd be too easy.

He hadn't paid enough for his beloved.

His hands the cause of her death.

He couldn't save her and for that he deserved it all.

He relished it.

Wanted them to make him pay.

But it was never enough. He still cried himself to sleep every night over her.

Because he'd had it all. A loving wife and a gorgeous smiling daughter.

Now he had nothing.

Deserved no happiness.

The only thing he had was his name and he hated even that.

Asher Saint.

but in his eyes, he was far from a saint....

The End

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