Sheila Xander: The Girl, the Duck-hunter and the PranksterMature

A duck squawked in the distance. Sheila perked up at the noise and creeped slowly towards it. She squatted behind a bush and peaked over it. There was a large crowd of ducks swimming in the pond. She smiled. This would be the perfect exercise. How many ducks could she shoot before they all flew away. How many could she shoot?

Sheila silently notched an arrow in her bow and aimed it at a duck near the side.


The duck let out a little screech before it fell to the ground dead. The others didn’t seem to notice. Sheila peak out from behind the bush again. How many would she be able to pick off before the other ducks would begin to notice? Anyways, this would take too long. Sheila notched another arrow. It was time to go into turbo mode.

She aimed carefully at the center of the crowd and let another arrow fly loose. Immediately, the ducks began flying away in a frenzy of squawks and quacks. Sheila let loose three more arrows at once, aiming for the denser areas of the flock and hit a string of ducks, pinning them by the neck onto a tree. She let loose a few more arrows and more ducks flew off. Eventually, the air became full of flying ducks and long deadly arrows. Sheila was on automatic, shooting one arrow after another and hitting a duck each time. Eventually, the last of the ducks flew away, mostly because she ran out of arrows. But the ground was litter withthe dead carasses of ducks. Sheila climbed out from behind the bush and walked through the mess she made to recover some of her arrows. Then she picked a few of the fatter ducks and headed back towards the ship. It was a shame she couldn’t bring all of them back. Maybe she could ask Simon or Cap’tin to help.

She strolled lightheartedly through the forest and walked back onto the ship, whistling a short tune she made up on the spot.

“I’m back!” She shouted, waving the ducks in her hands around, the limp duck heads flopping back and forth. Simon was sitting nearby and saw her walking on.

“Sheila? What have you got there?”

“Ducks!” She said with a smile. “I found loads of them. No worry for food tonight!”

“Well, that’s lovely Sheila. By all means feel free to cook them.”

“I will. And it’s going to be wonderful!” She started marching off to the kitchen, but then remembered the other ducks. “Wait, Simon. I’ve got other ducks too. Maybe I could..... Gobackandgetthem?”

She said the last part really fast and Simon looked at her slightly puzzled.


“Well, I kind of wanted to go back and get the other ducks and I thought, well, there’s a lot of ducks over there and I was thinking well, I would have a hard time getting them all by myself and...”

“Well, if you want to go get them, good luck coming back. We’re taking off soon.”

Sheila pouted as she slipped back into the ship. Simon could be such a downer sometimes. She would really have to spice up his duck.

Sheila grinned at that thought and went to work cooking them. Tonight they would have a duck feast. And the special would be made especially for Simon.

The End

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