Simon: First-Mate, Gentleman, KingslayerMature

Simon caught the amulet, then examined the emerald it contained. It really was something, cut by a master jeweler for sure! But, Simon was not particularly interested in the trinket, so he tucked it away, not caring that some blood got on his suit. He could change later.

"That was a little close, if I do say so myself," Simon said, then walked over and helped the 'Iron Viking' to her feet. 

"What took you?" she asked him. He wanted to say a pretty lass caught his eye, or that he got lost, but he knew she would see through the lie. They had known each other too long.

"It took me a while to take out the guards, honestly." She gave him a sidelong glance. "What? They caught me without my sword" It was true. But... He would have a sword before he returned.

"What are you doing, Simon?"

Simon ignored her and walked over to the Counts corpse. He still clutched the claymore in his hand. First, Simon pulled his throwing ax out of the man's back. Then, Simon let his eyes settle on the claymore. It looked finely crafted, with an ivory bound hilt and a master blacksmiths mark on the blade. Was that Geroo's mark? His work was rare.

"Figures," Rayna said in annoyance. 

Simon pulled the blade from the count and swung it a few times. The weight was good and the edge sharp. It would make a perfect blade for his collection. Of course, this blade was not a match for his Highbane, but it would prove useful. Steadying the blade on his shoulder, Simon smiled at Rayne.

"After you." She rolled her eyes and walked into the forest, towards where the immense airship, the Asterius, waited. Celebration was not far away. Simon couldn't wait.

Simon and Rayne walked, talking of what their next target should be. Should they hit royalty, or maybe a lord of higher influence than the Count? It would have to be something exciting, or at least rewarding. 

A rustle in the grass caught Simon's ears. It caught Rayna's as well, for she stopped to listen. Silence. The rustle may have been a creature passing by.

"Did you hear that, Simon?" Rayna asked, easing her blade from it's sheath. Simon let his new claymore drop to his side, ready to fight anything that came.

"Hello, my name is Simon," he replied sarcastically, "Since you're asking that, I assume we haven't met."

"Very funny." Rayne rolled her eyes.

Two figures jumped from the darkness of the forest. Both were large in size and looked angry to boot. It was obvious almost immediately why they came. The way they glared at Simon with the claymore said it all. They wanted revenge.

"Looks like we have company," Simon said. Rayna already had her mask on, making her the 'Iron Viking' once more. Good thing he had not addressed her as Rayna. She would most likely have been furious.

Simon rushed the men. The captain had already gotten some action. The first-mate needed some now. 

The men reacted by drawing swords and charging as well. Simon could have laughed. Their style was clouded in anger, making them predictable. It was almost boring when Simon ducked under one of the swords and dodged the other. 

He turned and sliced the men's legs off before they could react. They screamed in agony as they fell on the ground. Oh dear, Simon would have to get three more tattoos now. One for each man he killed. Did he have room for them? Maybe he did.

Rayna stabbed each man in the head before Simon could act. "Thank you, Rayna, you just saved me the trouble of getting two more tattoos then planned." She rolled her eyes behind the cover of her iron mask and walked toward where the Asterius waited. Simon followed his captain.

She was the only one who knew him, so he could be open with her. No one else knew about his tattoos, nor his sins, nor what he used to be. No, to everyone else he was a man in a nice suit with a top hat and a pocketwatch he constantly checked. Yes, that was who he was now. They had no idea of anything else.

The Kingslayer laughed silently. It was good to not be known.

The End

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