Iris and ZeldaMature

Closed collab between izewizzyfizzy and Artemisian :)


Nobody can remember when things were different. There were the slaves and there were the Kitsune. Everybody knew that, it was just a common fact. Everbody accepted it. Nobody fought against it.

The Kitsune ruled over all other races, deeming themselves the ultimate species. Humans, fairies, elves, dwarves, giants and dragons fell between the whip. Non-professional contact between the slaves and their masters was punishable by death, on both halves. This was another thing that nobody fought.

Nobody questioned the way things worked in such a dystopian society, and those who did were quickly silenced. It had been millennia since the last slave uprising, and they now seemed to realised their place: the little sheep that did what they were told.

Friendship between a Kitsune and a slave was forbidden. It was taboo. But what about romance?

The End

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