I laughed childishly as Joey grimaced at me while walking back from football practice. So hot, and he's mine. Exactly, I the untameable one, was going out with Joey. As I floated on these cotton candy clouds I strutted out of the building, taking in the fresh air. Boys looking at the tight jeans shorts and the strappy Galliano top. Girls longily checking out the MiuMiu and Armani flats paired with the Ray Bens of the season. Erik caught my eye as he impatiently fidgeted and urged me to come closer. I was about to go as something tapped my shoulder. Ella.

"Who are you and why are you touching me." I didn't hiss the words like a fool would have, but said them loud and clear; so everyone around us stopped. "This is the new Strabucks frappuccino, I got it for you." It took me mere 5 seconds to clock and make a decision. Suck up, fucking bitch. "Is it? Aww, thank you so much !" I took the bomb of calories smelt it and with a gleaming Vogue smile tipped the shit over her head. "Sorry, baaabez." I enjoyed this looser phrase, and practically puked sarcasm. "But bitches get no better." While adding this dryly I whirled around and walked towards Erik which seemed excited.

"Natalia is thrashing Angelina!" He was holding back giggles. I grimaced, but it was more a smile than anything else. In a way, they are good together. I high fived Natalia cheekely as we met and whispered in her ear "You said what I told you?" She smirked at me and asked "Yeha, but why???" I shrugged and shook my head "Dunno, thought it was appropriate." I then turned around and winked to Angie which glared at me with tears in her eyes. Cos that's what you said to me when I left, bitch.


Natalia, the patient goody developed a sense of fashion and today is still going out with Erik, and I do believe that they are happy together. Especially as they are having sex, like, 8 times a week. Too much info? Well that is the truth. As well as that we are still the bestest of friends.

Erik couldn't be happier. 8 times a week. Just saying.

Angelina, is back in the USA and according to her Facebook page she has learned and moved on to something better. Not that I really care.

And as for me, Jasmine, I am going out with Joey and we are really working out well. He is my guy. Also my clothes are still amazing and will always be. There are lots of Parties and there are lots of scandals, luckily none of them about me. I haven't been inflicting pain on anyone as well, and that is an improvement, innit?

So bay bay Bitchaaaaaassss,

You know, you wanna be invited.

The End

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