I'm So Done HereMature

School was still an utter nightmare. I wanted the corridor to swallow me up whenever I walked down it. Boys gave me dirty looks, barging me with their shoulders. Girls caught my gaze, then turned to friends, followed by low whispering.

Suddenly I saw Natalia coming towards me, her ugly face smirking, causing her to look more repulsive. She wanted to talk, I didn't. I tried to brush her off.

"Hey, bitch." Perhaps a little harsh, but it didn't work. Her mouth was still moving. She dared to answer!

 "Hello, Angelina. And how are you today? How's your dad?" She asked. I glared at her, but then forced myself to smile. 

"I hear that you are going out with Erik."

  "Is it any of your business? I don't air my dirty laundry for everyone to see." She said, defensive. Wow, PMS much? I knew exactly what would turn her smile the other way.

  "Well I just thought you should know that you should know that while he was going out with me, he fucked someone else. Someone called..."


 How did she know? She kept on going.

"God, that news is so old now. Aren't you keeping up?" She asked, shaking my head.

  "Still..." I started, but my throat was suddenly dry.

  "Yes, I know that you are still a bitter bitch. For God's sake, Angelina! Aren't you tired of it yet? He cheated on you, yes, but because you were such a whore and he didn't want to come across as inexperienced to you! He thought you'd laugh at him for being a virgin, and he got drunk, and one thing led to another." She ranted.

My face fell. There was no preventing it.

"He thought I'd laugh at him?" I asked, totally sincere. She laughed. She was mocking me, I wanted to punch this bitch.

  "What do you care? You didn't give a shit about him anyway." She spat.

  "I wouldn't have laughed at him. I can't believe he did that for me..." I said, my brain not connecting with my mouth. God, I sounded like a retard.

  "Well tough titties, Grizabella. You had your chance, and you wrecked it by being uncaring and a total bitch." She saw Erik wave at her from across the tarmac. Finally, she grimaced at me. "I'm done with this conversation. You better wise up, Angelina, because you aren't as popular as you were, so you aren't allowed to be such a bitch anymore. That's how it works, doll."

She paraded off. I felt like I was going to hurl. Mentally I dropped to my knees, collapsing to the ground. But instead, I walked on, humbled inside.As much as I hated to admit it, she was right.

But it was too late for me here now. I needed a fresh start.

Now all I had to do was persuade Dad to move back across the pond.

I hear California's great at this time of year.

The End

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