It's A Little Bit Funny, This Feeling Inside...Mature

  I sat in my class with my head firmly on the desk. School was just as it normally was; boring. It was especially boring when you were in one of the only lessons that didn't involve your new boyfriend. Yes, I said it. Boyfriend. Erik Mulligan was my boyfriend, despite the fact that my ex best friend had slept with him just to spite me. Didn't she look like a fool now?

  My head instantly went up as the bell rang, and I dashed out of the classroom. End of the day. Finally. I made my way through the maze of corridors, and finally burst into the open. The fresh June air made my head dizzy. My shoulder was prodded, and I turned to face Angelina, looking a particularly sickly shade of orange and with black marks that were supposed to be make-up around her eyes. I looked at her contorted face, thinking about the fact that underneath all of that slap that marred her face, she was actually quite pretty.

  "Hey, bitch." She greeted me. Lovely.

  "Hello, Angelina. And how are you today? How's your dad?" I asked, bored of her and her attitude. She glared at me, but then turned her face into a sickly sweet smile, that was all malice.

  "I hear that you are going out with Erik."

  "Is it any of your business? I don't air my dirty laundry for everyone to see." I said, defensive.

  "Well I just thought you should know that you should know that while he was going out with me, he fucked someone else. Someone called..."

  "Ella." She looked shocked that I knew. "God, that news is so old now. Aren't you keeping up?" I asked, shaking my head.

  "Still..." She started.

  "Yes, I know that you are still a bitter bitch. For God's sake, Angelina! Aren't you tired of it yet? He cheated on you, yes, but because you were such a whore and he didn't want to come across as inexperienced to you! He thought you'd laugh at him for being a virgin, and he got drunk, and one thing led to another." I ranted. her face fell.

  "He thought I'd laugh at him?" She asked, totally sincere. I laughed.

  "What do you care? You didn't give a shit about him anyway." I spat.

  "I wouldn't have laughed at him. I can't believe he did that for me..." She said, off in her own world.

  "Well tough titties, Grizabella. You had your chance, and you wrecked it by being uncaring and a total bitch." I saw Erik wave at me across the tarmac. I grimaced at him. "I'm done with this conversation. You better wise up, Angelina, because you aren't as popular as you were, so you aren't allowed to be such a bitch anymore. That's how it works, doll." I walked away, towards Erik, who was now standing with Jasmine, waiting for me. I took Erik's hand and we all walked away from the school, to our social lives.  

The End

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