I felt like Moses. Literally. The sea, once united and happy, parted into mighty waves and left me, the fish, to choose where to go. Only my ptoblem was I did not have time consult the good old Jesus. I had to decide whether to stick with Ella or Natalia. And I thought I would not become friends with them. I sighed and turned and followed Ella while Erik and theatrically swept after Natalia. If he tells her he loves her, I will puke. There was something wrong with that boy, and when I say wrong I mean like "he-so-is-in-the-wrong-century" wrong. 

I picked my MiuMiu and paced out of Starbucks; onl;y to see Ella anticipating my presence "I knew you'd make the right choice, I am cooler and you are cool, seriously cool. Together we can so totally take over the school and you -" She had put an american twang to her voice. My american twang. Racist, stuck up, fucking wanna-be BITCH. "Okay, listen shawty." I put the accent thick AND real. "You first of all are not my friend. You are a whore, and a filthy one at that. Your sense of clothing is like Woopi Goldberg and you walk like a horse. I only hung out with you because of Natalia, I like her; and what you did was out of order, big time." I raised my eyebrow and watched the tears, then I chuckled and added before turning

"Your on my bad side now, and we don't have cookies."

I saw Natalias text after watching Ella run off, sobbing. Eriks taken me through the back, I think I'll be fine. Thank you so much, Jazz. You are a real friend. xxx Nat

I smiled sympathetically and made my way towards the mall. When I arrived I saw Joey sitting in McDonalds with Erik and Natalia; I contemplated joining thenm but then turned to enter a posh Boutique. As I absent mindedly investigated a D&G cashmere jumper someone touched my hand. I turned around as gracefully as possible and just stood 5 centimetres from Joey. I gasped and then smirked at him sexily "You're a little early." That same moment I wanted to slap myself. "You want me to go?" He challenged me with that little twinkle of lust. Or maybe I was after all imagining things. "If you can".

Now, that was a good one. Score !!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

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