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As soon as the school bell rang on Monday morning, the weekend's events spread through the corridors like wild fire. Small groups huddled by the lockers, voices low, but laughing loud, looking in my direction. I shot them a dagger-like look, and made my way to class. It was tutor period, which pretty much meant taking your usual 'taboo' subject and talking about it.


A gaudy powerpoint was already beaming from the screen when I entered the classroom. Everyone turned and sniggered simultaneously.

What the hell was so funny? Was there something on my face?

I placed my books on the desk and turned to face the screen. My heart leapt as I saw the title

'Incest: What you need to know.'

I sighed, ignoring the snide comments.

"Yes Angie, you pay attention!"

How mature!

I was already close to tears when I left the classroom, but I clinged onto my last shred of composure. The corridors faced me again. More low voices echoed, but they weren't quiet enough.

"Did you hear? Ella and Erik had sex while he was still dating Angie!"

That was the last straw. At least my saving grace, the bathroom , was in sight.

The floodgates were officially open.

How dare he accuse me of cheating! My somehow 'evil' deeds had been hypothetical - I never slept with Jake while I was in a relationship with Erik.

And now that arsehole was going to pay.

The End

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