Losing ItMature

That was what I had begun to remember as I stood in the bathroom of Starbucks; memories of flailing hands and kisses that tasted of alcohol. I wanted more than anything to clean my mouth of Ella and start again. More than anything, I tasted disgust. At myself. I followed Talia as she made her way through the coffee bar, making a beeline for the bathroom. As the door closed in front of me, I heard retching. Ignoring the dark woman with her rigid, triangular skirt on the door, I went in after her. I saw the puzzled faces of the women addressing their makeup or washing their hands, but I ignored them. I found Talia bent over the sink, red faced and with tears in her eyes. I wanted to hold her and let her cry into my shirt, but given the information she had learned I felt it was unwise. I rested my elbows on the row of sinks and switched on the tap; seeing my face in the mirror, Talia hid her face. I cupped my hands beneath the water flow and attempted to wash her face a little. She recoiled. After a second failed attempt, I said,
"I know you must be disgusted with me right now, which is perfectly reasonable. I'm not sure what I can change by saying this, but it meant nothing. I barely remember it; I was off my head." She gave me a glance that showed she was unimpressed. I looked at her, studied her beautiful face and willed her mentally to smile. She didn't. Looking into her eyes;I found the words to say. "Talia, I know I've treated you as though you were invisible these past five years, but now, knowing you, talking to you, watching you smile, I've discovered something powerful." The women froze in their positions, blantantly anticipating what I would say next. I wiped the residue from Talia's mouth and dried her face with my sleeve. Once I had done this, my hand seemed to cling of its own accord to her face, my thumb gently moving back and forth over her cheek.
"Talia," I whispered, "I'm falling in love with you."

The End

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