I chuckled as I walked in rythm with my new iPod touch, away from Angelina. It wasn't the meltdown I had expected; but she very well knew I was back in the game. And this time I was not going to back down undefeated. Her face had been disgusted at my sight, and I enjoyed it. She should never feel that pleasent ripple of happyness when she saw me, never again. After these strong, determined thoughts my tired mind wandered and stopped at Joey; the gorgeous dream guy.

These relaxing thoughts of his lips on mine practically carried me to Starbucks were I should meet Ella and Natalia; where we should talk about the night and wake up with a gorgeous White Chocolate Mocca.

I checked my watch as I stepped into the coffee shop, startled at me being late. Looks like taking Angelina down held me up. Taking down; not really. I thought But close enough. I scanned the room carefully and finally spotted Ellas bob at a cosey table. Confidently I strode towards them; only to stagger as drop-down-grind-on-Slut Eric walked up before me and nudged Ella, which took his seat. 

I came to the rescue and pulled her out of the chair, smiled at Eric, and winked at Natalia only to then manouvre the displaced Ella to a seat at the other side of the room. Which was 'ironically' decorated with a load of wonderful coffee beans. Sheesh, imagination much?

When we had finally sat down and I started sipping my hot mocha I realised the hateful glares Ella was sending her 'best-friend'. "Wassup?" I tentaviely put the cup down and leaned closer. "Nothing." She mumbled this while munnching into the choccy ship muffin. I raised my eyebrow and leaned back, this sure was going to be an outburst.

"Jasmine, this is personal and I want you to keep it for yourself, right?" She didn't even wait for an answer. "It all happened about 3 weeks ago, at a weekend party. Eric had not yet slept with Angelina and the bitch was getting fussy." I realised that the girl staring into her cup, was not going to give me the detailed version. So I leaned forward again to catch up all I could get. "Long story short, I slept with him. I slept with him so he wouldn't be a virgin when he does the nasty with Angelina. And, well, he did me pretty hard. And I enjoyed showing Natalia that I am more attractive, sexier and genreally better. Well not better but ... ... You know what I mean. Boys wanna fuck me." WHAT?! Most likely my eyes just came out their sockets.

Ohmyfreakinggoshgod. I could tell by Ellas look and the breathing form behind.

Natalia was sure standing behind me looking at her.                                        


The End

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