I Wanna Hold You, But I Better Not TouchMature

I sat in Starbucks, 10 minutes earlier than the time Erik and I had agreed on. I stared at the glass, making sure that I looked okay. My long hair was in a side-plait, and I wore a black velvet waistcoat over a purple, flowy short sleeved top (that many girls my age would wear as a dress) and black jeans, teamed with my trusty purple converse. My mind started to wander, and I was startled when someone sat in the chair opposite me. Ella.

  "Hi, Nattie! Oh my God, wasn't the party awesome?" She asked me. I smiled, a little uncomfortable. I opened my mouth to say something, but she spoke before I could. "I was so drunk, I pretty much crawled home. Sorry I left you; I hope you and Jasmine had a good time and you didn't brood over him too much. So are you like here to meet with Jasmine, too?" She asked, looking at the table with only two seats. I could tell that something was up with her, but I was sure that it could wait.

  "Errr... You see, Ella..?" I started, but was interrupted.

  "Hi. Sorry to be a pain, but do you mind if I sit there?" Erik said, all charming smile and hotness. I smiled at him, grateful. Ella gaped like a fish, and looked from him to me. He bent down to kiss me on the cheek as a greeting, and I flushed red. I saw a look of disbelief, then envy fly across her face before it settled on fake happiness.

  "Oh! I'm so sorry... didn't realise..." She said standing up. Jasmine walked in at that time, looking really nice but very flustered like she'd just had a really bad experience. She smiled and waved at me before grabbing Ella and taking her to a table.

  "Sorry about that..." I apologised to Erik, but he just smiled at me.

  "It's no problem, I should have got here sooner. What do you want to drink?" he asked.

  "A latte please." I said, suddenly very nervous. It obviously showed.

  "Don't worry, Talia! I won't bite." He said to me, laughing and touching my arm so it burned.

  I smiled and waved in Jasmine and Ella's general direction. Jasmine changed her irritated expression (probably caused by Ella, to be honest) into a pleasant one, while Ella hadn't seemed to realise that I was looking right at her, and glared at me, using her best death-stare. She didn't stop the whole time we were there.

 What was her damage?

The End

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