Sunny SundayMature

I woke up in my generous double bed, at about 11 o'clock. Yesterday night had been amazing, everything had followed my careful plan and I had the perspective on a cute boyfriend. When I got out of my covers and had brushed my teeth, I took my BB as it had rung just a second ago.

 OMG, he has texted me!!! x Talia

I rolled my eyes, but at the same time I was happy for her, I mean she was lucky enough that a boy like that even looked at her. On further research I had found out that Erik was quite a dull and reserved boy; overly mature and proper. Sadly, this was paired with ultimate hotness. Nice One, God. I laughed to myself and replied to Talia. On second thoughts I also texted Ella, just to see how she's been and whether all of us should meet in Starbucks later today. Naturally, it took two seconds for them to both reply with an eager YES! xxx. I loved being popular.

As I opened the curtains and stared across the big garden, I thought about Joey. He was so likeable! Don't get me wrong, I had liked a few boys before. But with Joey it seemed different, when I saw him I cared about how I looked, and how I moved. Normally all these minor details came naturally to me. My daydreams of a hot petting session got interrupted when my Berry buzzed:

Heya, still up for Monday? Can't wait to see you. x Joey

I was about to jump up and down and as quick as possible write a "cool" reply. Then, I thought about the tactics, let him dangle, let him wait and NEVER reply straight away. Then, I thought: Fuck it and replied hastily

Of course, and I hope you like looooooooong coffees. x Jazz

I squeaked and pressed sent eagerly. My inital idea was to sit in front of my phone and wait for the reply, then shortly after that scream with excitment when counting severls x's. After further contemplation, I got up grabbed my new Hollister hotpants and paired them with a red and white flowing, flowery Armani top, the latest collection. I checked myself in the whole body mirror of the en-suite Bathroom. Those legs had the perfect tan, a souvenire I had given myself before moving from America. I applied some light mascara and lip balm, picked up the new MiuMiu and made my way.

As I walked out of the door, munching on a Granola bar, I met the person I surely expected least. Her foundation was flaky and orange, the mascara from last night and those sweatpants a joke. She looked me up and down; truly gawking. We made eye contact and I raised one sure Eyebrow:

"Nice Day isn't it, Angie?"

The End

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