On My MindMature

Sleep proved to be difficult that night. I lay in my bed, thinking of what had happened at the eventful party. Although I felt horrible for thinking what I thought, it managed to slip out. I'm over Angelina. So over her.

The messy breakup had triggered more thoughts and memories. As I was able to think more clearly, I could see  just how cold and distant Angelina had been. How disinterested she was in everything except herself. Maybe that was why I had been so compelled to touch her; it reminded me that she was still alive, and for that moment, interested. News of Angelina's antics had reached me, and I couldn't say that I was surprised. It seemed that she was over me too. Not that she had anything to get over; I was probably just another name on her list of arm candy.That however, wasn't what prevented me from sleeping. Another name entered my train of thought, or a shortened version at least.

 Talia. She was different. Mature, yet innocent, at least compared to the other girls her age. Intelligent, driven, caring. All of these words described her well, but the words I had hoped would stay out of my thoughts eventually barged onto the thought train, without a ticket.

Gorgeous. With the release of that word in my head, more words came. Beautiful, sexy, stunning.


She had invaded the airspace my head was tuned to, a pirate radio station that was a guilty pleasure, and almost certainly illegal. At once, she appeared, smiling sultrily, motioning to me to follow her. I did so, taking her hand. She stared right into my eyes, turned, and pointed at the zip on her dress. She eventually spoke.

"I'm yours to unwrap, Erik."

My eyes snapped open and I glanced at my clock.


I couldn't sleep now, not without Talia invading my head again. I sat bolt upright and took my phone from where it lay on my table. I scrolled through the contact list, looking for her name. I couldn't find it under the 'N' section, so I scrolled down through, Q, R and S before I found the name 'Talia' and it bit me between the eyes. I selected the number and began to write a message. I fumbled with the buttons for a moment, thinking of what to say.

Told you I wouldn't forget! Text me back when you're up. Erik

I hesitated a moment, before adding one last detail.


Happy with the result, I pressed 'send' and ripped off the covers.

Uh oh, I thought, I need some new sheets.

So it wasn't only a headrush I got when I dreamt of her either. I stood up, ignoring my bedsheets, stripped off and headed for the shower with a towel around my waist. I washed quickly, shoved on some clean clothes and reached for my phone. It vibrated in my hand.

Tentatively, I opened the text.

The End

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