Daddey Is Hoooome.Mature

Just when I was about to enter the bathroom Angelina stormed out, looking more orange and fake than ever. I kept at bay, who knew? Maybe she still knew my face. I am not normally a stalker, but I simply could not help following her. She was walking like a duck with arse problems, seriously learn your Heels! I was almost going to leave the misery in false peace, when I saw a good looking guy coming onto her from behind. She is such a slut! Just broken up with a gorgeous guy, and already letting another boy finger her in public.

They got serious quickly and the almost last thing I saw of Angelina was her wet knickers as she stumbled up the stairs. Seriously? I got back to my own life, but ditched the idea of re-applying Lipgloss, I wasn't that sad. Wandering through the house, thinking about the next steps in my glorious plan about bringing Angelina down. We had been such good friends in Primary School. As I gingerly sat down on another numerous sofa, I though about the series of events which had made my life living hell.

Angelina and Jasmine. For countless years they had been joined at the hip. But in Junior High, it had all changed. I had always been the ugly ducklin, a bit less pretty than Angelina, a bit less nice than Angelina. These sentences had followed me around all my life. But we were still good friends, I had the brains and she had the looks. In Junior High it went to another level, she had the boobs earlier than me. She had the first boyfriend sooner than I could blink. At that moment I didn't even care about boys, but it didn't matter because she had one I needed one! Well, it didn't happen. So I started not caring so much, I mean we were still friends, right? Wrong. Very Wrong. It was perfectly normal for me ot her to call ups a few times a day and catch up; but suddenly she only hung around with "Darren", her so called big LOVE... Then Miss White started contemplating that I was a Lesbian. So, and that was when the rumours started. I used to be popular, really popular. Suddenly, I wasn't and had not one single friend. Angie had not talked to me since a few weeks and I was getting depressed. At the end of that year her dad got a job in England, and they moved. After that, I was popular again. On top of that, I was soon the hottest and most wanted girl at High School. Then my parents decided to move to England. Here I was, and I was not going to be defeated.

While I had these thoughts, my fists ad clenched and my breathing had sped up. It made me so fucking angry! I had really thought we were friends. I was going to turn tables, hard. I felt the sofa bounce and looked up to see Joey sitting right next to me. I like you. I thought this and smiled, I did like him. "Look, um Jasmine? I wanted to apologise for earlier, I normally don't go that far on the first occassion." He smiled sheepishly "but you had me going on!" I smiled back and looked at my toes. Say something. "Don't worry, I understand. Ehm, you had me going on, too!" Well done, are we on Natalia levels now? He smiled, honestly happy and asked with more confidence in his voice: "How about a fresh start? Monday lunch break at Starbucks?" My smile reached my eyes easily as I replied "Sure thing!" He stood up, nodded like a Gentleman and bounced out of sight.

I was about to pick Ella up and disappear when I heard screams: "YOU ARE GROUNDED!!!!!!" Everyone was silent, only I almost broke out in laughter as I thought about the Hell Hag and Twilight-Boy in teir Bedroom upstairs. I wandered towards the door, looking for poor Ella. "Heya, sorry, have you seen Ella?" I asked one slaggy girl. "Oh right, she went home aaaaages ago!" I thanked her and wanted to make my way outside, when I saw Angelinas dad. Oh yeah. "Hi George! So you remember me?" I looked at him expectantly and crossed my fingers behind my back. "How could I ever forget you, Jasmine? Your Dad and me met up just today and I was about to tell Angie about you, but I thought you might want to suprise her yourself!" He smiled homely and appreciated that I didn't look like some prostitute. I was about to agree when he hastily said "Sorry, but could you tell me were Angelina is? I want to pick her up..." Anger shone in his eyes. I put on a smug smile and said "Yeah, just follow me!" Score, Score and Score!!! I dragged her Dad upstairs and followed my Ears, she was really loud! "Uh, Jacob!!" I nodded to the door and the now pale Mr White opened it without any signs of hesitation.

"So much for no Pick up after two." I peeked past her dad and Angelina stood there, naked and mortified staring at her Father. It was three o'clock and Angelina White was having the time of her life. Score.

The End

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