Further MortificationMature

Once I had fixed myself up in the bathroom, I strode out back into the action.

I was Angelina White, not that pathetic little mess that had just spent half an hour reapplying false eyelashes.

The guys were already looking my way, unsurprisingly. I felt someone touch me from behind, stroking my lower back, then my stomach. He teased my panties with two fingers and started kissing my neck.

"You know you want it. I've heard."

I looked up to see Jacob.

Shit, so he knew about my little episode. At least he was reacting positively.

And anyway, it felt good.

I turned to face him, fondling the bottom of his tie, and looking right into his eyes. Our lips were together. It reminded me of how things used to be. He was such a hot kisser.

He was succeeding in turning me on. I began to feel wet.

He grabbed my buttocks, pulling me into him.

"Let's go somewhere."

I didn't need persuading.

We found Hilary's room, but it was way too messy and screamed 'wannabe', so we decided to try the parents.

It was much better. A violet double bed.

Plus, the room was softly lit. That was going to be flattering.

I pushed him backwards onto the bed, and then straddled him. We were all over each other, fumbling with buttons, zips, and then clasps. His hands were all over me. His lips were on my neck, then travelled down. He kissed my chest, then my breasts, breathing gently over me. My hairs stood up on end. He never failed to satisfy me.

Then he ventured southwards.

Luckily I was waxed an shaved for the occasion.

Pretty soon, things progressed into more than heavy petting.

He thrusted with just the right amount of force. I was literally exploding with pleasure. An orgasm escaped my lips.

It was all so perfect.

I didn't need Erik in my life. I would have broken up with him anyway, he was so dull, so irrelevant.

Suddenly downstairs, the music came to an abrupt halt. There were multiple screams.

"Hilary, you are grounded!"

Crap, parentals were home, and we were naked on their bed!

We clambered about for our clothes. My phone slipped out onto the floor.

It was 3 am.

Hilary wasn't going to be the only winding up grounded.

The nerves made dressing difficult, I was suddenly so terrified.

Yes, I was a bit of a party animal, but I'd never stayed out overtime before. Hard footsteps could be heard outside.

Oh God, could it be Hilary's parents?

No, it was worse. Much worse.

So much for 'No pickup past two.'

It was Dad.

The End

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