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I was actually getting to a point, were the girl Natalia really impressed me. Taking that Angelina down was sure easy enough when you were popular, which Natalia wasn't, but she had done a good job for herself. Miss Bitchy Face simply turned around to cry somewhere. Natalia had walked off, in order to get a piece of Eric. That's so not going to happen. That thought was loud and clear in my mind, but something within me told me it was going to happen.

At the moment everything was working out perfectly, so I sat down on a quiet sofa and got my BlackBerry. I scrolled through the list and quickly found him. Joey. Apparently just another High School hottie. I sighed and got up. "Jasmine! Guess what I just snogged lthis Gluy!!" The last words Ellie babbled to me before falling asleep on the sofa next to me were simply, un-understandable. Sheesh, this English people can't handle their drink. While rolling my eyes in fashion I called Joey; heard a phone ring which belonged to quite a cute guy and hung up. I loved this game. I walked over to him, smiled and said in the trade-mark American accent I always tried to cover up: "Heya, are you Joey? I'm the new girl from Alabama, Jasmine. Dance?" I added the sexy-wink, the best way to get them heated up. The girls around him looked at me, stunned. I spotted Angelina under them, back to normal. You did change a lot, hell hag. "Sure thing, babe." He slapped my butt, and I let the trade mark giggle slip from my glossy lips, not without giving Angelina the "You so can't tap that" look.

We had danced and grinded for about an hour now, and he was extremely likeable. Finally, I pulled him outside to where Natalia had gone with Eric. They were standing quite far away from the big house in the garden, and I had decided to pull Joey towards a bench in front of a big tree. I sat down and he leaned over me, while we were making out I wrapped my legs around him, so I had a good view on Eric and Natalia. She was so freaking up-tight! Standing there like a pillok, not being sexy or anything. Joey was a good kisser, mhhh Vodka Lemon a personal favourite. Eric was now heatingly explaining something and Natalia gave an understanding nod. OH MY GOD, do something you tard! The hottie started feeling me up, I rolled my eyes and moaned. You need to praise the doggys. I thought this while watching Natalia patting Eric on the shoulder. Seriously? Soon I could feel the hardness occuring between his legs, I actually sighed aloud, Joey took this as an invite to open his trousers. That's not going to happen. I put my hand on his and whispered "I'm not that kinda girl."

I kissed him one last time, winked and walked back inside to re-apply Lipgloss in the Bathroom.

The End

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