Can't You Hear My Heart Beat Fast...Mature

Although she intimidated me a little, and could come across as a bit of a bitch, I really liked Jasmine. She was really kind (in her own vaguely warped way) and honestly helped me out of my shell a little.

  We arrived at the party, and almost everyone was staring as Jasmine. I felt like a 5 year old's drawing in wax crayon next to a Monet, but I didn't mind that I faded into the background. There was only one person who I wanted to notice me.

  Ella had ditched us to find some booze, and I was left with Jasmine. I felt my arms creep around myself awkwardly as I surveyed the people dancing, looking for him. Jasmine looked longingly at the dancefloor, then grabbed my arms and pulled me in with her. I felt like a deer caught in the headlights, but she eventually made me feel at ease.

  Someone bumped into me and I turned around to see Angelina and Erik getting real friendly on the dancefloor. I think Jasmine pegged who I was looking at. I turned my head as they found their way to the sofa, and pretty much had sex with their clothes on. I felt sickened, and tried to carry on dancing, ignoring them. Jasmine was a natural dancer; her body moved with grace and sophistication. God, I wanted to be her at that moment.

  Suddenly, there were shouts behind me, and I turned to see Erik and Angelina having a heated row. He looked furious and hurt, and she looked as if she really couldn't care less. He walked away, but she caught up with him and slapped him. I flinched as her hand went to his beautiful face. He looked at her bewildered, said something to her that I couldn't hear, and walked off.

  "That is Angelina and Erik, Ohmygosh she slapped..." I stammered. I saw red, and made my way to Angelina who stood there, looking so smug. I tapped her on the shoulder. She looked at me expectantly. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I demanded.

  "Excuse me?" She said, taking a step back and looking me up and down as if I was a piece of meat.

  "You heard me, you crazy, stuck up bitch. You are so unbelievably ungrateful; how dare you hit someone who adores you so much? Open your eyes! on second thoughts, you really don't deserve a guy like that." I ranted at her, more angry than I'd ever been in my life.

  "Who are you anyway?" She said, unimpressed. I laughed.

  "I'm his friend; a hell of a lot more than you are." I walked off, but she called to me.

  "Do you want a fight? 'Cause I'm more than willing to take this outside right now..." She started to take her earrings out and I simply smirked at her.

  "Sorry. My mother always told me not to play with trash." I left her standing there, mouth gaping like a fish. I heard applause from behind me, but I ignored it. People were so fickle. I searched the house looking for him, and finally found him, outside in the bitterly cold night air, gazing out into nothingness and stars. I rubbed my arms as I stood next to him, remembering all of those times in lessons, when I had spoken to him, even helped him when he hadn't understood something. Was I right when I told Angelina that I was his friend?

  "It's freezing out here." I commented, sounding like a total idiot. He looked at me, and even managed a fleeting smile for me.

  "Hello, Natalia."

The End

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