My Time.Mature

 I had picked up the two girls, freakishly enough they were invited to Hilarys party, and took them back to my house. The dresses they had bought, cheap and simple, suited their style. When both, Natalia and Ella, closed their mouths after entering my house I had given them a makeover for the party. It had been easy to intrude and become one of them, I think I had practice in being the new girl.

When I, finally, had them in party state there was one more thing: ME. I started of by straightening my thick, natural blonde hair and painting on Smokey eyes of the defined sort. Pale pink lipstick finished of this simple Party look. Now it was truly the time to put on my lush number, the dress itself was the new D&G collection, a purple short number, tight and lacey at the top and flowy at the bottom. The black leather Louis Vuittons and need not say no more.

When we arrived at the party I was sure I had landed in some High School Musical tragedy. "Jasmine, OMG this is so cool, thank you so much!" That little bouncy Ella thing should better get wasted soon, otherwise she would not survive this nice. Natalia followed me around and seemed to look for someone. "You alright?" the music was loud, I gave them that. "Yeah, Yeah just looking for a boy I know..." I started walking through the living room, and felt the looks on my back. Finally my Life was back in place. "C'mon lets dance!" Natalie looked insecure but I thought, fuck it, pulled her on the dance floor and started dancing next to some blonde wannabe. Natalies eyes suddenly widened as a cute boy started grinding and snogging the wannabe. That must be him. My dancing had always been good and the boys couldn't get their eyes of me. But I had an eye on that other boy, Erik as I had recalled, which was now almost having sex with that girl on the sofa.

It happened quickly, the boy got up and screamed loud insults at the wannabe. Ha. Quicker than I had thought, that girl did not half like him. I heard the music stop and whispers from Natalia "That is Angelina and Erik, Ohmygosh she slapped..." I didn't listen anymore but crossed my arms and raised the good old eyebrow. That was Angelina? Score.

The End

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