An Anticipated ArrivalMature

I approached the door of Hilary's house, and knocked, waiting to see Angelina again. Angelina. How I loved her name. There was a large explosion of sound as the door opened. Hilary stood, in a dress so short and tight it left little to the imagination. I wasn't quite sure where to look as she left me in, hating yet loving all of the bare female flesh on show, illuminated occassionaly by multi-coloured UV lights. I searched the identically dressed girls in a vain attempt to find Angelina. There she was, gyrating her hips like a sexy Roman goddess and, although she was dressed in age typical attire, she brought something of herself to it. I began to move to the rhythm of the blaring noise, the beat thumping in sync with my heart as I tentatively placed my hands on her hips, and whispered "Hello," into her gold -adorned ear. She turned to face me, a smile appearing on her painted lips. She looked stunning, happy, radiant, glowing with the perspiration of wild movement. I moved with her, delighted to have her in my arms again. I felt her between my legs as she moved with me; I prayed that she wouldn't feel my happiness as it manifested itself in a more pronounced way now beyond my reach. Although the urges to touch Angelina consumed me; I was normally able to keep them under control but as we lost all perception of normality and reality, the will to forget the laws of Liz and to touch her in every thinkable place overtook me.

My train of thought suddenly crashed as our lips intertwined. Her kiss was my Achilles' Heel; all self control left me as I pressed her to me, moving by the will of the devil on my shoulder as I dropped her upon Hilary's couch and joined her there.

Angelina smiled as I wrapped her legs around me, inviting me to enter her with her eyes. As I kissed her more and began to make my entry, two syllables echoed in my mind,


I pulled back and released my lips from hers, now cold and impersonal, like steel.

"What did you say?" Her lipstick was slightly smudged as she lied,

"Erik, I said Erik." I stood up, suddenly filled with a passionate rage while my being was torn in two.

"Don't lie to me, whore! I know what you said!" I turned to find a quiet corner  in which to drown my sorrows, when I felt something hard against my ear. The music had stopped, as everyone gasped.

Angelina had slapped me.

The End

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