I looked like a slut.

Yep, I had my look spot on!

My LBD was incredibly little, and I was wearing the most sparkly heels known to man. Erik wasn't going to be able to keep his hands off me.

I heard my Blackberry vibrating on my bed covers, like the sound a bee makes when you trap it under a cup. He had texted me:

"Hey Ang, lookin forward to seeing you 2nite. Love you E xxx"

I found him incredibly dull, but he was fit as hell. I wasn't letting go of this catch for a while. I heard Mum call from downstairs.

"Angie! I already told you about putting your thongs to the wash. They break the machine!"

Cheers Mum, don't think the deaf chap in Timbucktu quite caught that.

Ignoring my mother's embarassment, I paraded down the stairs and clambered into the back of the car.

Dad looked angry. We drove in silence for a few minutes until he finally said

"That mother of yours can be such a bitch. Fancy her nagging me for being lazy, I work so hard for this family..."

It was always the same. Blah blah blah I work so hard ya da ya da. I rolled my eyes and tuned out. Soon we arrived at the destination - Hilary's house. Music was already blasting and one girl was already drunk.

It was only 9 pm.

I quickly fiddled with my hair and added another layer of gloss. My father stared at me from the side mirror.

"You look like a prostitute."

"Jee, thanks Dad." I said sarcastically.

"Call me when you want a lift, but I'm not picking up after 2am."

"Fine. Bye Dad." I slammed the car door. I was already cold. I looked around for my friends, who weren't to difficult to find, there seemed to be so many of them, all over enthusiastic to see me. Greeaat!

I played along. One girl who's name I didn't even remember piped up

"OMG Angelina, you're going to knock Erik dead in that outfit,!"

"You bet I will." I smiled, then made my way for the doors.

It was time to pretend like I was having the night of my life.

The End

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