The shopping mall toilet was emtpy for a Saturday. Smiling to myself I put a little lipgloss on, the good old Rimmel. Then I stepped back and looked at myself: The blond long curls hugged my face comfortably, showing off my amber eyes and well shaped, now shiny, lips. The loose fitting short summer dress, which I had combined with some godly flats, reall did compliment my long legs and slim body. I winked at myself with my smoky eyes and stepped out into the world of shopping.

I wandered through the mall, looking at windows and people. I had the dress for the party in my wardrobe a total catch. Now I was caught up with the "must-have" Miu Miu bag and decided that this chique leather thing was going to be mine. Sheepishly, I adjusted my Chanel sun glasses and picked up a pair of black leather Louis Vuitton heels, mine I thoght as I picked my size and payed at the till. Now it was time to go and complete my mission.

McDonalds was as packed as ever, so I picked up my BlackBerry and dialled the given number. Within a few second the phone of a standard girl rang, I lifted my eyebrow in suprise and hung up. Score.

Having tucked my Bold into the Prada bag I walked over to the table on which the girl was sitting, talking with her friend about the just missed phone call and how the number had been "Unkown". I chuckled, swept my hair back in the usual manner; then I kindly smiled to get their attention. Both girls looked me up and down and gave me unsure smiles. I know, I should be sitting with the popular kids.

"Heya, you mind if I sit down? My name is Jasmine, yours?"

The End

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