Angelina White


I awoke to the sound of clattering bowls. Mum was already loading the dishwasher.


I forced myself to stand, and I ran my fingers through my hair in an effort to look less scruffy. It didn't work. I rubbed my tired eyes, and determined mascara from the night before came off onto my fist, and left an unforgiving black mark under my eye. I pulled my shorts down a little, stepped into my slippers and picked up my Blackberry from my bedside locker. The green light was always flashing. People were always texting me,  keeping me up to the early hours of the morning,

I was already tapping away, reassuring everyone of my oh so 'happy' mood with numerous smily faces. I shuffled down the stairs into the kitchen. The Coco Pops sang as they struck the bottom of the bowl, and then crackled pleasingly when milk was lovingly poured on top. I sat, took a mouthful, and slowly began to awaken.

My phone vibrated against my leg, giving it a strange numb feeling.

It was my friend Donna.

Hey bbs, u no bout dat party 2nite. U goin? xxxx luv ya.

I thought I should make an appearance.

Course bbs, see you there. xxxxx :)

I would, but what I had planned to do was stuff my face with chocolate and watch Mean Girls.

The things I did for popularity.

The End

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