The Year Elevens of Queen Elizabeth School (lovingly named 'Liz' for short) have all been invited to an end of year party. What will happen when the 16 year olds are left alone, together?

Natalia Cole

I was woken by sunlight as bright as if it were midday. I looked through my eyelashes at the time. 7:30. I had another vital hour left of blissful sleep. Turning my back to the invading morning, I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block it out. I found myself drifting, falling into that peaceful place of rest...

  "Ta-lee-uh! Talia, Talia, Ta-lee-uh!" The shouts startled me, and I felt myself rocking on my bed. I lifted my weary head to my 8 year old sister, Holly, towering above me as she jumped on my bed. I groaned and shut my eyes again. Make it stop, I pleaded in my head. She repeated my name over and over, bouncing on my bed until her bony feet landed on my leg.

  "Ow!" I shouted sitting upright. My hands went out to cradle my injured limb, as I had a rant at my sister. "You know you shouldn't jump on the bed, Holly, and it's ten times worse when there's someone SLEEPING IN IT!!" She just giggled at me, ignoring my temper. I heard Mum call from downstairs.

  "Mornin' Sis!" She said, giving me her cheeky smile and planting a wet kiss on my cheek. You couldn't stay mad at her for long. I rubbed my bruised leg as she ran downstairs. I stared at myself in the mirror, taking in my unruly black hair and bright green eyes. I looked tired. I stood up, and pulled open my wardrobe doors with a flourish, humming to myself. Saturday. The best day in the week. I pulled on a red shirt and some comfortable jeans, and closed the wardrobe doors again.

  I looked in the mirror as I tried to get a brush through my curls. What is wrong with me? I thought to myself. Why doesn't he want me? I sighed as my thoughts went to him. Erik Mulligan. Erik Jasper Mulligan. He sounded like a fairytale prince, or a Mythical Sex-God. But no, although his looks rivalled any Hollywood actor's, he was just a 16 year old boy, who just happened to sit next to me in Maths. And Science. and French. To be honest, the teachers at Liz liked to sit us next to each other a lot. It was like they were mocking me. I fancied him like mad, I had a crush on him, I liked him, I wanted him to be my boyfriend, I lusted for him...

  My head was cleared by the sound of my phone chiming. Ella, my best friend had texted me.

You're still coming to Hilary's party, right? Well you better be... CAUSE GUESS WHO'S GOING TO BE THERE! Me. Hahaha. No seriously, Erik's gonna be there. See you later for some SHOPPING! Ella xo

I laughed at her text, then sighed. even if he was going to be there, he'd be with her. His bitch of a girlfriend. Oh well, at least I'd be able to look at him if I must go. And Ella would make me go, no doubt about it. I left my room, starting to feel a little excited.

The End

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