Bearers of the Cross

Friedaheld groaned lightly as blood slipped through his fingers feeling as though the world was tipping violently but he managed to get to his feet. His hands fell to his sides, stained red as suddenly a soft chitter whispered through the air, shadows that didn't belong to this strange new woman shifted about the room and drew to him, his golden eyes glowing.

"Ginger stop!" he commanded, voice sharp as ice while the enemy drew red eyed wolfen creatures up from the shadows to life, inky blackness and smoke wavering off their fur. For a moment Ginger's wails wavered; the golden flame that contained her body flickered momentarily. But it appeared as though she couldn't control it, she couldn't stop the vast amount of power that surged through her veins like a wildfire.

Friedaheld turned as his clothes became bloodstained; his eyes narrowing, his pupils were slits giving him a terrifying predatory appearance. His hand lashed out grabbing Gingers throat and clamping his fingers tightly around her delicate skin.

“THAT IS ENOUGH,” his voice growled lowly to Ginger in warning. His other hand was clenched painfully as he willed his shadows to battle with the enemies as she cackled, loudly.

"Fool!" she hissed, as he drew a dagger with his free hand and tossed it towards her but the woman moved with a serpentine grace and was easily missed by the blade. Ginger scratched helplessly at Friedaheld's grip on the fragile bones of her thin neck, the flame had evaporated and her face was slowly turning an ugly shade of purple, air was coming to her in very short supply and around the edges of her vision darkness began to creep.

Friedaheld snarled at the woman and looked to Ginger, she was no longer screaming and clawed helplessly for air, he frowned, letting her throat go but tugging her close, holding one arm over her as he kept her body pressed to his side, like a protective big brother. He didn’t need any more innocents dying.

"DEMON!" he shouted at her, and the woman stepped closer, a devious grin on her features as shadows soon chained the both of them "I know what you are...BOY!" she spat and used a clawed finger to tear his shirt while he angrily fought the restraints. She stuck her finger atop the cross bereri in the middle of his chest that stretched to his toned stomach.

He swallowed..."I know your secret!" Ginger looked at the intricate birthmark on Friedaheld's chest, her breath quickening. She knew. She knew he was the same as her. "F- fr- Friedaheld!" she squeaked. Friedaheld looked to Ginger and his golden icy eyes seemed to be far away, great pain and anger washing in his eyes. She thought he was a demon everyone who did not know the truth about the mark he bore.

Turning back to the demon, he took his arm from ginger and tackled the woman who seemed shocked that he had even moved. "Back to the depths of hell from whence you came.." he hissed holding his remaining dagger over his head but the woman simply laughed vanishing as the shadows retreated...

"It’s coming..." a voice whispered..."and I will be with them waiting to kill you!" When the woman and her shadows had left Friedaheld turned to ginger, his tattered shirt hanging limply off his shoulders as he touched the mark upon his chest. "Please...I will go...I know that no person wants a man with the mark of a demon in their home. I want no more trouble."

He called it the mark of a demon because that’s all that anyone had called it...though he knew better. Ginger looked up, startled, and met his gaze steadily. She carried on staring at Friedaheld as she tugged her tunic over her head, her nudity not bothering her one bit. And as the fabric was removed, Friedaheld's eyes widened in horror, then shock as he saw the markings upon Ginger's breast.

"Impossible..." he whispered. Friedaheld wasn't staring at the woman’s figure at the moment there was something more shocking before his eyes...he took a few tentative steps closer and reached out his hand... barley touching the girls own Cross Bereri...

"I thought I was the only one of my kind..." he said...looking down and touching his own marking reverently...he wasn’t alone...the thought made his chest clench painfully....he wasn’t alone. “When I was younger, I was beaten down with stones, I was even scrubbed down with icy water by the village priest in the hope I'd lose the mark."

Ginger smiled, tracing her finger over Friedaheld's mirror cross, "I thought I was just a freak. But now I see I have something worth my life. I'm not weak. Is it true, then? I have magical qualities running through my blood? Are we related?" Friedaheld grimaced at such a possibility.

“We do have magical qualities in our blood of that I am sure but…related…he tilted his head a bit…I don’t remember any siblings…I was raised out in the forest after my parents and the village hunted me into the woods. Where a Thief found me and gave me shelter, food, and the knowledge to survive. He believed that this marking is the sign of a…” he paused eyes narrowing in thought. “a….” he bit his lip and shook his head. The name of what they were escaped him..making him frustrated. 

The End

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