Hayley. - Hiding.

I shake my head at Emily and the new girl behind. "Where abouts are we going?" I yell to Lucy. "How should I know?" I roll my eyes. "Kevin might." I roll my eyes again as I speed up to run next to Kevin. He looks at me a smiles a little.

"Where the hell are we going?" "There's a cave that'll be too tall for the elves to get into and Thorn's going to do some magic around it to keep us safe." I nod. "How far is it my feet are killing me!" I say, starting to pant. Kevin shrugs.

I can hear the elves running after us. I turn my head back. They're close behind! How the hell can they run so fast? I shake my head and start sprinting up to Thorn. "There." He points whilst running. I look. Not far, we can make it. I nod thanks to him and leg it. If I get to the cave first, I could try my sheild again.

Thorn stops at the entrance, I stop next to him panting like mad. I lookback too see how far I've run, man my pe teacher would be prod. I wipe the sweat from my face as Lucy and Kevin join us. "You have to get in." We nod and Lucy jumps in. "You first." Kevin says.

"I waiting for the others. You go in." My eyes are on the girls, they're about a few minuets away. Kevin stands with me and Thorn. Lucy has her head out of the cave, watching the girls running.

They're here. "In." Thorn says pointing to the entrance. Everyone piles in except me and Thorn. He looks at me and points at the cave. "You get in thorn, I'll be in after sending them back a bit." He shrugs and Lucy helps him in.

I click my knuckles. "Come on Hayley." I turn to Kevin. "I will." I wink at him then run at the elves. I can hear all of them yelling at me to stop. Ice and bits of tree try and stop me but my sheilds up, they just go flying.

My heart is in my mouth as I stop near them. I spread my sheild, sending them back miles. I sprint back and jump into the cave. I'm panting and laughing at the same time.

Lucy is standing in front of me shaking her head. I shrug. "I don't know how far I can spread it." I smile at her and she smiles back. Thorn is already putting a spell over the entrance as I go and sit next to Kevin.  He looks at me. "What?" He shakes his head and moves. What did I do?

The End

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