Kevin-new girl , and getting the others.

I make a trail of ice and semi skate along as the other three rund I effortly glide on the ice. It hurt alot though well I mean the ski boots , I really wanted to get my hands on a pair of shoes.

" Hey Thorn in that city , do you take cash from our world?" I ask.

" Doese that really matter right now?" Lucy asks.

" Yes my feet ache." I say.   I hear elves getting through our little blockade we left behind. Everyone just shakes they re head as I really should be worrying about my life not my feet.   Behind us I hear something in the air.

" What are you running from?" A girls voice asks from above.  I nearly fall of my little ice path from surprise as I look up to see a girl with wings on her ankles.

" You see those crazy guys wielding swords back there that should answere that question." Hayley says.

" What this ones name?" Thorn asks Lucy

" She new, hey what your name?" She asks

" Flora."

We get to the cabin. I stop the ice track and forms ice spikes to form a defensive wall.   We all pile into the cabin and we wake up the other two.

" Come on Myles get up!" Lucy wakes the other boy up , and Hayley goes to wake up Emily.

" Where are going to get away from them?" I ask thorn.

The End

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