Hayley. - Elves.

Okay. So there's a place where we can get home but we can't get home. That's not confusing at all. Oh and now we're running away from little elves with swords. Swords! God,I hate running. I have to stop.

I stop running, my mouths dry. Thorn and Lucy are way ahead and Kevin is a little in front of me. Man, I need a drink! Kevin noticed me not moving and signals over for me to follow. "You go on. I'll keep them back, buy you lot some time. Wake up everyone!" I turn and run towards the elves, not wanting to know Kevins reaction.

My turn to get these elves running! They all scream as they run at me. I laugh at them and move my hands, moving my sheild towards them. They all go flying, at least a couple of miles back. Cool! Well that's one thing my power's are good for! The elves are running back and I put my sheild in front of them. They just keep on running into it. Ha! It's quiet funny to be honest.

Suddenly all the elves are covered in ice, all of them frozen solid. And they've got thick vines around them, keeping them in place. "I thought I told you to go on without me." I turn and  smile at Kevin Thorn and Lucy, a little annoyed that they didn't do what I said but I'm more glad that they're  with me.

"Now we have to go and warn the others!" Lucy says then starts running off. We follow her. Man, she's fast!

The End

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