Lucy - Speak

"I can't tell you..."

"By he can't it means he literally can't get the words out of his mouth" I say.

"Seriously?" Hayley says.

Thorn nods. "I'm bonded to keep the secret.... I can't even give you hints"

"Which is why I went searching! That was the real reason I was up in the air and I went upside down for a reason..... This place has a city!" I say happily.

"Like I said before not the secret. Its whats there" Thorn says shaking his head.

"I can't get past the gates" I pout.

"Why don't we all go?" Kevin surggests.

"No!" Thorn says. "Wait till the morning... they'll be less on alert"

"But we need to know whats going on" Hayley hisses. "I want to get home eventually"

Thorn goes quiet and I look at the ground sadly. "What?" Kevin says.

"You...." Thorns lips move but no sound comes out. He curses and turns to me. I shake my head.

"You have to tell them" He insists.

I turn to look at them and sigh. "Theres no way out..... Not that we can access theres a gate in the city but.... Its chained against everything. I was thinking maybe you could Hayley but....."

I look at Thorn who shakes his head. "Only one key" he says.

"Oh, brilliant" Kevin shouts. Me and Thorn gasp and turn to see the other elves looking are way.

They draw there swords. "Ah, crap. Run!" Thorn shouts.

The End

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