Lucy - Upside down

"Is that all it takes?"

Hayley and Kevin jump back shocked. Well, its hard watching them.

"How the hell did you get up there?" Kevin exclaims.

"Well, I was trying air walking but I sort of flipped upside down"  I say. I put my arms out my palms ouching the floor then I let go of the air keeping me up.

I fall on to my back.

"Ouch that hurt" I mutter propping my self up on my elbows.

"Why are you up?" Hayley asks.

"Oh, can't sleep. Too much going on in my head. I never found a way to sleep when my imagination went wild.... but nah having to much fun" I say shrugging.

"How the hell you find this fun?" Kevin asks.

"Well, I haven't really had a down fall yet" I make the earth help me to my feet a root pushing me up.

"I miss my friends and family but I wasn't really doing much when I came here.... I just fell through the back of the sofa" I say shrugging.

The look at me silently.

"What? You guys fell through something too" I pout angrily. Being a lot smaller seems to now match my childish attitude.... although I've never been able to get it to match with my serious one.

"Oh, I found something follow" I say turning and runnign off.

I hear them behind me. I take them to the forest and stop them duck behind a bush and point.

"People?" Hayley says questionly.

"Humans don't have pointy ears... Oh, few thats him" I jump up. "Thorn!"

The Elf is over in a millisecond putting a hand to my mouth.

"Yeesh! I told you no shouting. You can't let the others know your here"

He makes my crouch down and see the others. "Hi, I'm Thorn"

Kevin shakes his hand as does Hayley.

"Thats Kevin and Hayley" I say.

"What the hell is going on here?" Hayley exclaims quietly.

The End

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