Kevin: I fail at making fires

We both look up at the night sky it seemed that the moon had passed quite a ways. I try to find  a constalation that I can recognize but fail too do so.  I looked over at the river my ice slolwy melting away and the current returning. I shivered my clothes where drenched and I was freezing really sad for an ice guy to be cold. Hayley seemedo be watching the night sky contently.

" I'm not saying that we have left earth behind but doesn't night sky look.......Different?" I ask

" Now that you say yeah it is kinda weird." Hayley responds, " They also seem brighter , down here."

"Brrrr." Was about as much as I could say, " I'm going to make a fire where is my gear?" I say rhetorically as I get up the small bank finding the bag leaning on the cabin. I open it up magnesuium fire started and a bag full of papers  now just a bit of fire wood.  I find a few branches and shove them into my bag and desperately wished I had an an axe to chop up a few fallen trees. Once I found a stack full of branches I walk back to where Hayley lied watching the stars.

I laid the paper and started trying to light the fire with magnesuim flint , nothing happens for a good few minutes , and I could see Hayley smothing a few giggles hear and there. I just felt really embarrased to the point I just gave up , and dropped it.

"Stupid easey fire starters." I mumble.

" Here let me try." Hayley saysgrabbing the flint and getting it in one go.

"  Well if anything hurts mans ego is the fact that he can't start a fire." I laugh , trying to hide embarassment and hurt ego, I could feel something else in the barrel of emotions but couldn't put a thumb on it.

The End

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