Hayley. - Can I Control It?

I pull Kevin out of the water and quickly let go of him when he reaches the surface. I panting and my head is killing me! God, this hurts. I put my hands up to my burning head while Kevin's trying to get his breath back to normal. "Bloody hell. My head hurts but I did it." I smileat myself and I notice that I've just said that aloud and Kevin's sitting next to me.

"Thanks." I nod at him. "Now we're even. You helped me chill and I saved your life. Kinda." He laughs and I find myself laughing too. "I'm surprised you're not asleep." I look to the floor. "I'mmore ofanight girl. Can't sleep." He nods understanding. "What were you doing in the water?" He blushes a little, causing me to laugh more. "Well, I'm hungry. I thought I could get a fish."

I scrunch my nose up at the idea. Ew. Fish. "Sooo, I'm quessing you can control your ability now." I snort then lay back on the ground. "If only. I can kinda control it. Well, I can move it and sort of turn it off but not for long. It really hurts turning it off." I look up into the sky and see the stars twinckle back at me.

"They seem so close don't they?" Kevin says following my gaze. I nod smiling up at the sky. Man, I do love the sky at night!

The End

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