Kevin: Misunderstood intentions.

Well thats not exactly what I meant to happen but hey it seems she knows how to control her new ability. I get my sorry bottome off the ground , and walk off. I'm tired who would have though having conrtol over something would be tiresome. My legs wobbles slighty as I head towards but fail to make it as I feel a stronger feeling of fatigue and I fall into sleep before I hit the ground. 

Later on I wake up in the cabin we built , I would have to thank that person, I also should say sorry to Hayley I didn't mean to trap her there, but thats how it seemed so I will apoligise. Everyone else seemed assleep already so I was guessing it was night. I was no longer tired so I got up and walked towards the river. The moon here was illumanating the river and I could see into the water and these fish that reflected the moon off the surfaces of it scails. I think there already a fish named moon fish but I was going call these fish moonfish anyways.  I put my hand agianst the running cold water. I knew for a fact running water doesn't freeze at this temperature but I think I could freeze it with my powers.

I close my eyes and breathe not really to sure how I summon this ability to my knowledge it just seems to happen. The water begins to freeze and the currrent begins to slow as the river begins to fill with ice.   I stop and look up the stream seeing the river contineuing to freeze.

" Cool wouldn't be great if I hada pair of skates." Then I notice that I may have froze the fish along with the river, " Can fish survive being frozen?" I wonder to myself then my stomach rumble thinking about fish reminded me of fis entrees. Yeah a bit horrible but I haven't eaten anything all day. Problem was all the fish where frozen in nearly bullet proof ice.  I go looking around and find my ski pools and begin to attack the ice feroicuously for about ten minutes only reaching 10 centimeters into the ice.  I throw the ski pole onto the banks of the frozen river in frusterion. I sit on the ice and wish that I had not frozen a small section of the river. I got my wish and was quickly really cold.

The cold water was constiricting my chest muscles , and my lungs where empty. I tried to draw breath but there was no space in my chest. I quicky go under the surface, was all this worth a fish?  I flailed my arms under the water but no success. Yeah I always found it funny my swim instructors would say I was a sinker but now I found it remarkably sad , not that i'm saying I can't swim I just used to like being under the water more than above it.  Everything goes dark and I feel a tug on my wrist, and I'm brought to the surface coughing up water I couldn't see who it was.

The End

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