Hayley. - Don't Mess With Me!

I feel cold. Real cold. Stupid ice dude! I just want to be left alone! If he think he can keep me in this chair he's got another thing coming! But maybe not just yet, it's nice to feel even if I'm freezing.

I sneeze and my ice chair wobbles and breaks all little, I can hear Kevin grunt. God, he must be getting tired soon. I look over at him, his face full of consentration. I laugh and once again the chair gets smaller. "S..S..Sorrrrry K...K...Kevin." I shout. Lucy rolls her eyes and stands stubbonly in front of Kevin, Emily at her side. "You can't keep Hayley like that for ever." "Yes I can." His voice breaking a little with the amount of effort it's taking him to keep the ice around me. "No you can't Kevin, it's not good for her health." Emily points out, arms folded across her chest.

Kevin's not going to give up easy and I'm not going to sit here freezing my but off! I'm bored. I get bored very easy and now I want to get out! I think about my shield thing, I can feel in all around me. I think hard,trying to move it. It moves to my wishes, expanding so much, it breaks the ice chair. Cool. Now for the walls. I do the same, trying to make it stronger then before. It's working!

The wall comes tumbling down. I start to walk away from the crashed pieces of ice when another wall appears. I make it explode quickly. The same happens again and again. That's it! I send my shield moving, moving fast, towards Kevin. In amatter of seconds he's on the floor, livid. "Don't ever try to cage me up again ice-boy. Next time, I'll make you go further!" I yell at a tired Kevin before running over to the river. I lay down and think of home.

The End

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