Kevin: Oi I said

Hayley continues to run. I may not know how exactly she feels , but I know how it feels to be out of place. Seeing the only people I got along was my brother and my parents everyone else just feared my young explosive temper which got me lots of trips to the principles office.   Everyone just looks after her. I take off after her.

" Oi I said Wait!"  I say. She continues to run, " Fine your gonna be stubborn lets see who is more stubborn."  I mutter. 

I had no real Idea what I was doing but it felt like a good idea. I quickly drop my hand to the ground which makes an exlposion of ice around me also the rain that Lucy was making was becoming snow.  I directed my hand towards the running girl. The ice follows but  collapses quickly. This is harder then I first thought. I try agian but the ice still doesn't seem to follow my commands well. I concentrate harder and finally reach the girl. The ice explodes when it comes into her vicinity. But I didn't give up there.  More ice gathers and forms all wall that was causing a dead end. She tries to smash through which made things harder for me but I gives me the chance to finally prove a point.

" You want to feel something without it getting destroyed, right?"  I ask she turns around and suddenly the ice forms a really horrible looking ice chair and she is forced to sit in it. My ice wall collapses and everything but the chair and the ice that kept the hut together. I felt my body shake slightly from the immediate burn of energy.

" There you feel cold now." I say tiredly. 

The End

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