Hayley. - Rain.

I sigh as the rain comes down. I've always loved the rain, even if Lucy is making it rain now, I still want to feel the coolness on my skin. I tilt my head up, ready to get soaked but nothing happens. I stare into the pouring sky wondering why I'mnot getting wet like the others.

I look at a wet Lucy who stare at me, eyes wide. I look over to the dripping others who are laughing in the rain. I look back at Lucy and groan, I have a longing to scream out, but I don't want to make Lucy part deaf. "Why am I dry?" I ask through gritted teeth. Lucy shrugs. "I dunno. It looks like all the rain is bouncing off of you, but not touching you. It's like it stops a couple of centimeters away from your skin." I look at one of my arms, she's right.

"Cool!" Kevin says,noticing the rain not touching me. I scowl at him. "It's not cool! I want to get wet! I want to be able to touch things without destroying them! I want to be normal!" As my voice gets louder, I'm getting to my feet. "Calm down."

"Calm down! Calm down! It's all right for you lot! You can control your powers! What's so wrong with ice or knowing different languages or controling the elements? You lot can still touch things! You can still feel things! I can't! I'm a destroyer who can't feel anything without breaking it!" I yell, really losing it. I turn away from them all and run.

"Wait!" Someone calls after me but I keep running. Guess they're finding out that I'm as stubbon as hell when I want to be!

The End

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