Lucy - Assemble

"Okay, this will work" I say. More to assure myself than the others.

I'm meant to push it together then Kevin is going to run in and freeze the cracks together.

"Go!" I shout and they all let go. I bring my hands together and feel the force which leaves a space apart.

Kevin runs in and freezes the cracks forcing them together. He puts the thumbs up and I let go.

I feel tired and fall back on to the grass. "Lucy!" They shout. I roll over laughing and everyone joins me in.

"I have an idea" I say. I jump up. "I control elements maybe I can grow plants"

Everyone smiles at this possibly. I put my hands out palms and plants shoot up.

"Ahh!" I shriek jumping back but everyone just cheers. Then I see Hayley off to the side alone.

I go and sit with her.

"Hey, you not feeling okay right?" I say.

She nods. "Why am I the only one that destroys?" she mumbles.

"Maybe you'll work it out" I say. "From what I can tell its cause of doubt"

I say this while rocking backwards and forwards like a child. Yay, being small is great!

Then it starts to rain.

The End

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