Emily - What Now?

So, there's really bad signal here. On the bright side, I'm multilingual and my crappy ancient Nokia mobile has turned into a fab touch screen one and I can keep control of my hair! On the not-so-bright side, we're in the middle of nowhere! And we have no ide what to do! My phone buzzes.

Where are you?

My phone buzzes again.

Where did u go? ur mum thinks u've disappeared. did u find jeanas 'better place'? lol

Well that's great. They had to come and check on me didn't they? Hmph. Oh yeah. To explain the 'better place' thing. Once, me and my two sisters were playing hide and seek. I found Rachel (who is 11) bud we couldn't find Jeana (who is 4) anywhere. So we went downstairs thinking that Mum had hid her somewhere but Mum didn't know where she was. So we went upstairs to look for her again. And she was there, at the top of the stairs, making us jump out f our skins. 'Oh my god Jeana! Where were you hiding?' I exclaimed. She said 'In a better place' and made an arc above her head while twinkling her fingers. That was funny.

"So" I say "My my thinks I've disappeared and my best friend thinks I'm hiding. What're we gonna do?"

"Dunno" Lucy says.

"No, neither do I" says Kevin.

"Well let's just go with the first idea of wondering around aimlessly until we find something. OK?"

"There's nothing better to do" Hayley agrees. So, that's what we begin doing. Until we get bored.

The End

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