Hayley. - Annoyed.

"Cool, an ice dude." I say more to myself then anyone else. Kevin, yeah that's his name, looks at me and smiles. Great, now I'm blushing! Why can't I be more confident? I can be when I'm hyper or with my mates but with new people, I'm a total scardy cat! I turn and look around. I've already said too much to them. I don't want any of them to get hurt.

My phone starts vibrating. Weird, I would of thought this place wouldn't have any reseption. I get it out of my pocket and it flies out of my hand! "Oh for gods sake!" Okay, now I'm annoyed! Why does everything I touch get thrown through the sky? Stupid power thing! Lucy catches it. "Can you put it on speaker please?" She does so.

"...Toni... you? Toni are....okay? What the f... happen...? Toni...? Toni..? ...you there?" Okay the signal here sucks. "Sam? It's me, is everyone ok?" "Toni..?" "Sam. Is everyone okay?" "Hayley?!" "For gods sakes, Rachel! Answer me!" The line goes dead. Great. Just great.

The others are looking at me with questioning eyes. "They call me Toni." I mumble, looking down to the floor, fustrated. God I wanna be at home! I don't want this stupid power! This place sucks! I go over to a boulder and try to kick it. Instead, it goes soaring. I growl loudly. I've got a very short temper and these lot don't want to be around when I lose it! This is whole place is getting on my nerves!

The End

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