Kevin: Hey

" A bit of an over reaction to knock someone over about a rock." I mumble, I get into a crouch and remove the ski helmet. I knew it was bad to litter , and leave it there but I was overheating. 

" I'm sorry." Hayley repeats.

" Nah it is no problem." I say finally getting up ruffling my hair which quickly loses it helmety look, and become light, " I hate helmet hair." I put out randomly.  Hayley didn't seem to mind my strange habit of commenting on irrelevant things.  The others stare blankly at Hayley.

" How did you do that?" I think Lucy was her name.

" I have no Idea. I just didn't want to get hit by the rock." She explains.

" Cool. I wonder if anyone else got interesting well shall I put it powers since coming here?"  I say wishing that I could stop being so freckin warm in this ski suit. For a moment I feel something really cold on my chest but quickly disapears. I tapped my chest like someone would tap themselves when noticing the lost there wallet, or cellphone.

" Wierd." I say under my breath.

" Well if we did it isn't very apparent." Myles says.

" Thats not true I became multilingual when I came here." Emily says.

" I think I control elements." Lucy says

" That would be so cool being multilingual ,or be able to control the elements." I say looking sad that I didn't seem to exert any powers so far , but for what its worth niether does Myles.  I begin to over over heat in my heavey ski jacket.

" arrrg I hate being to warm !"I say ripping the jacket off which then turns white from frost, " cool, that solves that." I say then put in happily feeling a whole lot better.


The End

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