Hayley. - Opps

I go over to the Lucy girl, she seems like she knows what to do. She looks at me. "Hi. Just wondering if you've changed much since you were here like, I dunno. Your hair getting longer or not being able to touch anything without it going flying?" Great. I bet I sound like a right idiot. At least I wasn't stuttering like I know I was going to with Sean. Oh Sean.

"Well, I have changed but I can't send things flying." Oh. Great. So once again, I'm the outcast. The freak, that doesn't belong. God I wish the guys were with me, we could make a joke about Rachel's height or something. It looks like Lucy is going to say something else but I turn tothe others.

"Anyone else?" I ask, hoping that someone's like me. They all shake their heads. Great. Someone picks up a rock. "Lets see if are reactions have changed, you first Hayley?"I know he is joking but I thought Alex was about taking my shoe.  I scowl at him as he pulls hisarm back. "DON'T!" I yell, putting my hands in front of my face but nothing happened. I look up and see the guy on the floor, looking dazed.

"What th.." He said, shaking his head. "Opps." "Wow!"

The End

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