Lucy - Well, this place is getting filled up

People were suddenly appearing.

"Wait, Wait, Wait" I say. "Names?"

"Lucy its me Myles" I gawk.

"Myles, god you look......"

"Different? Yeah, I know" he says looking down at himself.

"My names Hayley"

"I'm Kevin"


"My names Lucy.... I have no idea where we are do you?" I ask. Everyone shakes there heads.

Great 5 people stuck in a place who the hell knows where.

"Maybe we should look around" Hayley says.

Everyone nods. "Yeah, we could probably work out where we are that way" Myles says.

"Yeah, wandering around a strange place no clue where we're heading great idea" I say.

Everyone looks at me. I sigh, okay keep the sarcastic attitude to minimum.

"Lets just stick together" I sigh and the wind howls. I look up at the sky.

Maybe try and keep my emotions and actions in check as well. Yeah, like thats ever gonna happen.

The End

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