Emily - OK...

"Emily! What are you doing?" Mum shouts up the stairs.

"On my laptop!" I shout back.

"Well lets have some violin practice!"

"I've already practiced today!"

"Well practice again!"

"But I've already practiced!"

"Have you get any homework?" Danny shouts up. Do I? Yes. English. Race for the Stone.


"What is it?"

"Writing a chapter!"

"Well get on with it!" then they both go back to whatever they were doing. Hmph. Homework. Still, my English teacher wont be very happy if I'm a chapter behind everyone else. I sigh and get up. I go into my bag and take out my English book. Wrong teacher. I tip my bag upside-down and hear a massive rip. Crap I think I've just ripped my English book. I turn around to see what ripped. Behind me is an opening. Just a rip in the air. I look in. And then I get sucked in.

I look around. I'm definitely not in my bedroom any more. I check to see if my phone is in my pocket. It is. But... it's not my phone. It's a touch screen, all-singing all-dancing phone. Whoa. Didn't see that coming. I also notice that my hair is down. And it's not knotty. It had no knots whatsoever. I turn on my phone. 'Please read instruction booklet before using' it says to me a few times. But why so many? I then realise that each one had been in a different language. Wow. Wasn't multi-lingual before. Maybe I could get used to this.

The End

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