Kevin: What

I'm on a steep glacier pitch. I check my ski bindings to make sure  I'm not going to click out and face plant into the fresh 25 centimeters of snow, and embarras myself in front of Emma.  She looks at me. 

" Come on lets go." She says then ducks under the rope saying closed.

I follow after her a sign saying spankies ladder, double black diamond. That means that its the hardes terrain on the mountian and the fact that it was closed means I'm doing something stupid.   I catch up to Emma gliding over the fluffy fresh snow sometimes my skis dive under the snow making clouds of snow fly through the air. I ling my turns perfectly. Emma and I both synchronise turns. Then exactly what I should have worried about happened.

I Make a violent turn to avoid a large boulder which pushes over a lot of snow, I hear a crack in the ground a layey of snow falls and avalanche is created. Luckily for Emma she is above the chaos but I'm being pull down under the heavey snow which is now very much like a river.

" Help!" I shout, I knew this was stupid. 

I went under the snow line I could feel extreme pressure on my leg it was going to break and snap. Then I hear a strange ripping sound and the pressure releases, and I fall through the snow into a semi darkness. Then fall onto the ground ski boots still clicked into my bindings.  I feel different somehow, I feel taller ,I also stronger more muscular I've always been a little on the hefty side.  I notice some people around me. I'll ask who they are in a sec I'm curiouse if my flat footednes is gone. I rip off my most evil ski boot to find I have an arch. I unbuckle my left foot , and find out I no longer have to worry about prosthetics.

" Yes I don't have to shop for 3 days for a pay of shoes that fit!" I say in joy but become slightly envumbered by my heavey ski gear. They all look at me as if i'm insane.

" Hi i'm Kevin, do you know where we are." I say my stormy blue eyes becoming very seriouse.

The End

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