Hayley. - What The Hell?!

"Leave me alone Alex, you've gone too far this time." I'm livid and Alex is just laughing! It's Tuesday and I'm at uthie. My best mates Rachel and Rowan are standing next to me, worried of what I'll do next. Rowan puts a hand on my shoulder. "Toni, calm down. We'll get your shoe back." I smile at her. Yes, we have made up names for each other and I know it's childish but it's fun! I'm Toni, Rachel's Sam and Rowan's Ashley (there is also Ethine who is Tim and Nikki who is Jamie but they're not here).

"Alex give Hayley back her shoe." Rachel is standing in front of me, trying to get my shoe back. Alex throws it at me and I, stupidly enough, catch it. Ewww. I drop it because it's completely wet! I pick it up again and throw it at Alex, then I storm out.

I go into the barthroom, tears treatening to spill but I don't cry.  Not in front of people anyway. Rowan and Rachel come rushing in with my shoe. I put it on and give them a warmish smile. They both give me a hug. "It's okay Toni, it'll all get sorted out." I looked at Rachel, trying to believe her.

"Can you two leave me on my own for a bit?" They give each other worried looks. "Look, I'm fine. I just need time to myself." They nod and go. If it wasn't for them, I think I wouldn't be here now. They keep me together, keep me sane (well as sane as I'm ever going to get).

I look into the mirror and all I can see is a 14 year old girl staring back at me. I've got sparkling greeny bluey hazel eyes (today you can see the green more then the rest) and my full red lips.My skin is kinda pale but what would you epect? I am English, this is rainy old England. I wish that I could somehow close people off.

All the people I get close to get hurt, like my family. Rowan pokes her head through the door and smiles. "Sean's here." My eyes go wide. Sean! Okay, I think he's fit but I haven't talked to him, but still! It's Sean! Rachel comes in and pushes me out the door, towards him. "Sam. This isn't a very good idea." I hiss at her but she keeps pushing me toward Sean. Oh God, I wish I could get out of here.

I'm now in front of Sean, Rowan and Rachel are smiling like mad men. "Hi. I'm Sean. You must be Hayley." Ohmygod! I open my mouth to reply when a sudden ripping sound fills the building. I look at it's source.

It's like a hole full of light. Ohmygod this is weird. I look open mouthed to my friends. They look just as shocked. Great, now I know I'm not imagining it. It's coming towards me. "Bloody hell!" I start screaming as it pulls me into it. I land on the ground hard. I look around. This isn't uthie. Where the hell am I?

I look at myself. Ohmygod! This can't be me! I've changed! My skin looks tanned, like I've been on holiday and my hair is long and curly again. What the hell is happening? Am I dreaming. I stand up and now I can see something. I go towards it, reaching out a hand to make sure they're real. Instead of feeling the hard surface of the heavy rock, it goes flying into a tree. Opps. Did I do that?

The End

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